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Hoffmann Architectural Inc. is a full-service architecture firm lead by architect Barry Hoffmann. Barry has been a licensed architect since 1994. He spent his early career with Newton Hailey in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he worked on detention center projects, schools, county facilities, etc. Later opportunities allowed working with renowned interior designer Georg Andersen on extraordinary projects in Manhattan; Greenwich, Connecticut; Scarsdale, New York, and others.
Hoffmann Architectural has produced projects throughout the state of Arkansas and also maintains a Texas architectural license as well. In 2005, the firm purchased and renovated a historic building in downtown Searcy, Arkansas where we now practice.

Full-Time Staff

From our inception until the present time my wife, Lisa, and I have been the only full-time staff at Hoffmann Architectural Inc.  The advantage of this arrangement is that a licensed architect with over 20 years of experience personally attends every meeting, takes every call, and is involved in every detail from the start to the completion of your project.  I have had much larger staff’s in the past and firmly believe the quality of the product diminishes the larger the staff is that produces it.

Part-Time Staff

Our part-time staff size fluctuates based on our workload.  We have a ready pool of qualified draftsmen and designers both from the Interior Design Department at Harding University and the Drafting Department at Arkansas State University.